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Your car deserves to be in the hands of the best, and that's what you get at Sharp Detail Fairfax. We have packages that accommodate all your car detailing needs in Fairfax; from the interior-only packages that ensure your interior surfaces are spotless and the car smells nice, to exterior packages that solve all your car's appearance blemishes.

We pride ourselves on being your reliable auto detailing company in Fairfax and base our services on experienced and knowledgeable detailers who understand the areas to focus on to get your car back to excellent condition. This, combined with our use of quality products, is a method that has proved successful for us. So get in touch with us, and whatever detailing needs you have, we always have something for you.

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Why choose Sharp Detail

How much time have you spent looking for the best car detailing company in Fairfax? Well, here at Sharp Detail Fairfax, we know how frustrating the process can be, and that's why our top priority is making our auto detailing services as convenient as possible for you. All the information you need is here on our website, and we also give you the opportunity to talk to one of our experts for more information.

It doesn't matter how busy your schedule is, we work with you to set an appointment, and all we require is an extra parking space next to your car for our service van. We have our own power and water, so whichever location you choose, we are always prepared. It can be at your home, work, or garage, as long as there is enough space. So let us take it from here and show you what you get when you trust professionals to handle your detailing needs!

Detailing Services

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Find out what our loyal customers have to say about us and our services!

"I was extremely happy with the service and work. He got some scratches out I didnt think were possible."

"Really like that you come to our location so I don’t have to figure out transportation back and forth."

"Wonderful job! The interior looks spectacular and my car was a complete mess!"

"Thanks for a job well done, I was very happy with the results!"

Gift and Specials

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Full Detail - Gift Certificate

Our base package, which is great for regular cleaning and maintenance on the interior, and a basic buffing and waxing on the exterior.

$190 - interior and exterior

$220 - interior and exterior

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Premium Detail - Gift Certificate

Our best-seller and package of choice for vehicles that need a little more tender loving care.

$230 - interior and exterior
$155 - interior or exterior only

$270 - interior and exterior
$185 - interior or exterior only

Signature Detail - Gift Certificate

Our top of the line package, perfect for that desired glossy wet-look finish for your car.

$310 - interior and exterior
$195 - interior or exterior only

$360 - interior and exterior
$220 - interior or exterior only

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