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Are you looking for mobile car detailing in Oakton, Virginia? Sharp Detail prides itself in offering premium interior and exterior car detailing services. We provide professional car cleaning and car detailing services ranging from polishing, buffing, waxing, vacuum cleaning, shampooing, leather conditioning, fabric protectant, engine detailing, steam cleaning, clay bar treatment, and paint protection.

We have over 17 years of experience detailing cars in the DMV area and you can rest assured your vehicle is in the best hands. Fully licensed and insured, we conveniently bring car detailing to your location. We are self-contained, and you don't have to provide any water, electricity, or a hose. You just have to call us, set up an appointment, and the detailer will come wherever you want. Moreover if you are sercing for roofing Oakton Va you can can find differnt companies.

car detailing oakton va

Auto Detailing Oakton

There is nothing more disheartening than seeing your once new, shiny, and beautiful car degrading over time. If you are like most car owners, you have probably tried a number of cleaning methods to maintain or restore that lovely, crisp, clean look and smell. But auto detailing is one of the most affordable ways to restore your car to like new condition.

You will be amazed at how quickly the stains will disappear; the paint will become shinier, the interior crisp, and so much more anywhere in Gaithersburg Va & Woodbridge Va. Get your free consultation right now and find out if we can help you bring your car to the condition you’ll love. Whether you need to attend a business meeting, work from home, or run errands while your car gets cleaned, book your auto detailing appointment today.

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Our Recent Work

Interior detailing Oakton

We recently received an online request to clean a vehicle parked near the Borge Street Park. Despite the customer booking an exterior cleaning service, we provided a comprehensive cleaning that included the interior surfaces, mirrors, and windows. While cleaning, we noticed some paint damage and remedied it with a polish and paint protection. The result was a stunning finish that exceeded the customer's expectations and left them completely satisfied.

Auto detailing Oakton

"The car owner discovered our services by searching for "interior car cleaning" while near Oakborough Square Park, as they desired a comprehensive interior detailing. They chose our PREMIUM detail package, encompassing a hand wash, shampoo treatment, stain elimination, and odor neutralization. Following our meticulous detailing, the car's interior boasted a remarkable freshness and cleanliness."

car wash oakton va

"We recently had the pleasure of providing our top-tier cleaning service to a car owner close to Flint Hill School. The owner was concerned about their leather seats, which had been left with spots by their delightful children. We were able to expertly remove the stains and renew the leather. Furthermore, we thoroughly steamed the car, enhancing its appearance and infusing it with a lovely scent. The customer was ecstatic with the outcome."


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"I was preparing to sell my car, and Signature Detailers did a fantastic job. They booked me for me for the next day, and the detailer came right as scheduled. My car looks, feels, and smells like new and is ready to find a new home."
Nicholas, D

"Wonderful service. The detailer arrived early and was very thorough. Removed stains, deep cleaned and left a new car smell. I highly recommend these folks."
Katie, J

"My Acura MDX has never looked so good. Every aspect of my car is spotless- inside, outside & engine. I highly recommend Sharp Detail."
Reginald V

"Thanks for a job well done, I was very happy with the results!"

Gift and Specials

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Full Detail - Gift Certificate

Our base package, which is great for regular cleaning and maintenance on the interior, and a basic buffing and waxing on the exterior.

$190 - interior and exterior

$220 - interior and exterior

Premium Detail - Gift Certificate

Our best-seller and package of choice for vehicles that need a little more tender loving care.

$230 - interior and exterior
$155 - interior or exterior only

$270 - interior and exterior
$185 - interior or exterior only

Signature Detail - Gift Certificate

Our top of the line package, perfect for that desired glossy wet-look finish for your car.

$310 - interior and exterior
$195 - interior or exterior only

$360 - interior and exterior
$220 - interior or exterior only

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